how to setup on Bluehost

Ok, some days ago a friend of mine asked me to write a tutorial on how to install a application. Actually, I had successfully installed it on Bluehost (failed on Justhost, I think there’re some problems with dispatch.cgi/fcgi/rb on Justhsot) application is a combination of 3 applications: trim, trim_api and trim_redirect. We have to modify the configuration files in trim/config/ only (no need on that 2 remaining apps)

In order to setup on Bluehost, you may need to know how to setup a Rails app on Bluehost and how to install and use your custom gems on Bluehost first.

Already know how? Ok, let’s move on.

1. rename the /config/database_trim.yml to /config/database.yml
2. set username/password to match your Mysql
3. modify the database name (if needed)
(remember to create database for development, test and production environment)

ok that’s enough for configuration.

4. go to trim root directory, run “rake trim:setup” and it’s done.

dead easy! right?

PS: come visit have fun :)

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