Project Title: Elusivestars (beta)
Timeline: 07/2011 – now
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: Using elusivestars Developers have their Apps tested by real users with real devices.
elusivestars manages App distribution and collects Member feedback. Developers use the feedback to improve their Apps.

Project TitleOntour
Timeline: 09/2011 – 09/2011
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: This is a legacy project codebase, was written in Rails 2.3.8 and originally ran under Ruby 1.8.7, I got this code from our client then continue to develop it. One of the tasks is deploying this project to Heroku.
The original file uploader used in this project was file_column, I had to migrate to Carrierwave (which is my favorite gems for files uploading) 0.4.1 (which is compatible with Rails 2.x) and fix some bugs caused by the version issues.

As this is a legacy code, the previous coder(s) used some pretty old gems.

Project TitleGibbons
Timeline: 09/2011 – 09/2011
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: This site is for a tourism company. I use Devise + Cancan for authentication and roles system. Also meta_search, meta_where to search for trips. This site has an entity called Page which need friendly_id gem to have a SEO url. In this project, I use CarrierWave, Fog, Rmagick for uploading/processing/storing files (on AS3). Personally I find Carrierwave a better, more flexible, easier to use than Paper_clip.
Moreover, we use HTML5 also.

Project TitleCrescent
Timeline: 08/2011 – current
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: I use Rails 3.0.x; gmap4rails and geocoder for mapping stuffs, paper_clip for uploading files. meta_search, meta_where for searching. Some of my favorite gems too: Devise for authentication system, formtastic for forms, jquery-rails for using jQuery instead of Prototype.
This site “Offering a friendly and professional service with experienced staff local to the area and having full knowledge of the local market. Within each office we also have a dedicated person who will handle the day to day management of each property. Over the course of the last seven years our product portfolio has grown year on year and we have let a wide variety of properties to suit all budgets and requirements. We take pride in ensuring our properties are well maintained during the course of the tenancies.

Project Title: Prizzm
Timeline: 04/2011 – current
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: Allow user to create items ( any things they like/buy/love/wish) and the provider for other users to make comments, leave a vote on their comments/interactions. User can sign in/sign up with Facebook or Twitter account. Users have the ability to edit-in-place. Prizzm has its own registering system using Devise. In this project we use many interesting gems which help us a lot during development: acts_as_list, ajaxful_rating, best_in_place, compass…

Project Title: Buzzdash
Timeline: 02/2011 – current
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: Allow merchants to create/manage their campaigns/users and more. Using Rails 3.x, jQuery, HAML, SASS and useful gems such as: formtastic, paperclip, compass, simple-tooltip, will_paginate, fb_graph, twitter. Once user sign up as a merchant, they can publish their campaign messages to Facebook or Twitter.


Project Title: EHR (Electronic Health Record system)
Timeline: 09/2010 – 01/2011
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
URLinternal project
Description: Electronic Health Record is a web-application that based on Rails framework which:
– The main feature of the application is to manage the patients (including the whole medical history and information of a patient), manage the clinics (including appointment, alert,…)
– Add/edit/remove patients’ allergies, vitals, problems, appointments…
– Create/edit calendar for doctor
– Patient can be checked-in, checked-out, roomed, no-show…
– Patient can be searched by first name, last name, age, location, birthday…
– Advanced search for patient.


Project Title: FunMo
Timeline: 04/2008 – 05/2009
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Description: FunMo of FunMobility, America’s largest mobile content community. On this site, you can upload photos, create your own blings, cut your own ringtones, make comments, add friends, send messages between friends and send/share blings/ringtones to your friends’ mobiles or yours.

Small projects:

Screen Shot 2011 05 21 At 8.32.40 Pm

Project Title: Cinema Filming ManagementTimeline: 02/2011
Category: Web Development > Web Programming
Source codehttps://github.com/giangnguyennet/CFM
Description: You will add movies, places, cities to your database. Once finish adding those data, you can go to each movie, place or city to see the google map display for the places where the movie will be filmed, what movies will be filmed in places. Or you can go to the drill-down menu and select movies/places/cities easier.

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